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There is so much information about the Y Combinator application but no central place to locate it. Find everything you need to know to get into YC here.

Let's Get Right Into the Basics of the Process

Here are a few things that almost every company does before applying to Y Combinator and while writing the application. Usually, you would search the internet for resources and guides about applying to YC. Now all those resources are available here in one place. Let us know what you think and if you have any ideas on how to organize the posts.

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Step 1: Read the YC Materials

Read the How to Apply Section that Y Combinator has written here: 

  1. They are only looking for ideas that can reach a valuation of at least $10B
  2. Keep answers short, concise, and in plain English. For example, Facebook would be described as “a website that lets college students sign up with their “.edu” email address and browse photo profiles of fellow college students” and NOT “a global utility that connects people through a social network.”
  3. Ultimately they will ask themselves if you have a strong team that can execute on this idea. This needs to be brought out as much as possible in the application.

Step 2: Understand YC's Investment Strategy and Application Process 

Y Combinator wants founders to write in a very specific way. They want you to be very clear and use no marketing speak. Once you read enough successful applications, you will understand what exactly this means. Here is a list of applications to look through. If you want us to add another application to this list, send us an email:

Step 3: Read Alumni Applications

Sample Applications

Learn as much about the application process from what Y Combinator alumni have written. Below is a post I wrote but there are many other posts by founders which are also good. My post is a deep dive into everything you should know before applying. Read as many of the posts listed in the "All Posts" section as you can.

Step 4: Read Alumni Blog Posts

Check Out My PostAll Posts

Step 5: Write your Application

Each founder takes their own approach from this point onwards. Reach out to YC founders in similar industries and try to get feedback on your application and possibly, a recommendation. Just be careful how you go about asking for both of these. Get as many people to read your application before you submit it as possible. 


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